Her Intentions – Where is HerStuff today?

When I started this blog over a year ago I wanted somewhere to write, I called it my musings – I have no explanation. I wanted somewhere to collect things, ideas and thoughts, in essence this hasn’t changed. I am writing this two months into lockdown during the time that may be referred to by future generations as The Great Lockdown 2020, without using expletives that is. For many people this has brought a time to recollect thoughts, for learning new things if the fancy took you, or a time for hanging tight and looking after yourself and your family. I am sure you have all seen the posts on Social Media like the following:

Pinterest Image

So whether you have used this time to learn Mandarin, complete Netflix or simply look after yourself doesn’t matter, it’s what you had before, what you want to change and what you want to remain when this is all over that does.

I want to rush back to my dreams and my goals. The ideas and plans that I have sat on for years. The reason that I started this blog over a year ago, and lose the fears that have caused my relationship with Instagram to be inconsistent to say the least. There are so many reasons to not do, so many worries and fears about what could happen, but what about the millions of reasons to do and the excitement and wonder that something wonderful might, might just happen.

Today, I rewrote my Instagram Bio, yesterday I wrote a new about page for this blog. I wanted to show not only who I am, but who I am aspiring to be. They read, in the staccato fashion that online bio’s tend to, Business, Home, Lifestyle, Travel. Dog Mum. Writer.


I wrote on my first blog post that ‘my job is nothing to do with this, the polar opposite really, and that’s how it will remain’. Well, what a difference a year makes. I have never spoken about my career apart from with those within my industry. It has only taken me 17 years to realise that I have been doing myself a compete disservice. For those 17 years I have worked in Direct Sales and Marketing, building both sales and marketing teams, delivering targets and I have loved nearly every second of it. It has been a huge part of my life, many people would say it has been my life, to leave it out of here would be not only complete madness, but also untrue. The realisation of my own skills and achievements, I am good at building teams of people, I am good at coaching and advising people and and that highlighting and shouting about it is not only allowed but is positively wonderful. These skills and achievements can only grow as I grow, why I never thought it would be part of Her Stuff is beyond me. Expect to see much more business focus, both past, present and future, from here on in.

Photo by Matej on Pexels.com


This is the easy part. I love our house and I love building our home. By no stretch of the imagination am I an interior expert but I have loved renovating our property so far and cannot wait for the next phases – even if they feel very far away at the moment. Sharing our home and renovating journey was part of the original idea of the blog and will be here to stay, whether it is the big stuff like steels, or the little things that we have collected for our shelves on our travels. If you are anything like me there is nothing better than a little peek inside others homes for ideas, for oohs and aahs, and for sheer pleasure. This will be a little peek in to mine.

Pull up a chair


I love the life that me and Mr P are building. We are making decisions based on what we want our life to look like in months and years down the line, making sure that the elements are being built now. We want a life that is full of enjoyment, pleasure and as much happy as we can get.

I could write a huge list of things that I love, but think Books, Films & TV shows, Food – both eating and cooking, and the times I hit the yoga mat to make sure that I never lose the ability to touch my toes. I will also be daring to have a conversation about health issues and the impact these have had on my life, but there are many posts to be written on that subject.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that in the last year we have had a new addition to our wee family in the shape of a cocker spaniel x puggle named Duke. There are not enough joyful words in the world to explain the happiness he has brought in to our life. It goes without saying that Duke will factor, probably shoehorned photos in every post. Lets face it you might come here for the words but you will stay for the dog.

The first day we met. Two weeks before he came home


Who doesn’t love seeing new places, whether that’s with your own eyes, or through another beholder? Expect holidays abroad and the UK, overnights, days out, reviews, ideas and dreams. Duke will demand many of these are dog friendly.

You can go and see our kind of travel with this post from last year

There may also be a travel business announcement on the horizon………….

I was listening to Elizabeths Days’ podcast How to Fail it was the episode that Elizabeth was talking to Cush Jumbo, Cush states that ‘It’s difficult to make things if you are hiding’. This sung to me. I need to stop hiding if I want to move forward with writing, Instagram and a new part of my life. I need to get out there and join in. So here I am stepping out from behind the wall, to stop hiding and start making things.

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