Twenty-One Months later

How many times can you write your intentions and not continue? Perhaps as many times as it takes until your intentions become your next move, and the one after that.

Twenty-One months ago we were two months into a national lockdown, which I wrote at the time ‘may be referred to by future generations as The Great Lockdown of 2020’. How little I knew then about what the next year was to bring for myself, my family and our country. That the lockdown would actually become a series of lockdowns through 2020 and 2021.

During those twenty-one months my life has been the stillest it has ever been whilst going through the most surprising and seismic change. How the changes made me live more in the moment than I ever have but unable to write about it until now (hopefully, at some point).

In learning from my past, god I hope I am learning, I am not going to set out any intentions, no grand plans, no bold declarations, I am just going to write. When I can. About what I can.

The pull to now tell you what I intend to do is strong. To go through the changes the last two years have brought to me, to tell you everything, in one big paragraph over twenty five pages without stopping for breath but I fear if I continue to do so I will actually tell you nothing.

So, instead I will say, Hello, hope the last two years have not been too heavy, that you have found joy somewhere amongst the navigation of lockdowns, governments, health and the impact on your life. Thank you for being here, and whilst I am not setting out intentions, I hope there is more to come.

One thought on “Twenty-One Months later

  1. What you have achieved especially over the past 2 years is amazing we as a family are so proud of both you and Ashley keep going as you have more to do


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